March 17 2017- We have a new album, Gorgon In A White Dress.


Feb 15 2017- Added two new shirt designs to store.


April 21 2016- We told Tillie that she shouldn’t be gardening so much at her advanced age but nooooo, she wouldn’t listen. So she hurt herself and is now in a coma. Fortunately, new vocalists Audrey Hilley and Lavinia Fisher have stepped in.


October 10 2015- Anna was badly injured in a dust up with a Wienermobile. She has been replaced by Bathsheba Spooner on the guitar.


December 30 2014- Unfortunately, Grace Marks was found guilty by The Hague for War Crimes (we are still unaware what that means). On this morning she was hanged until being made dead.


May 10 2012- Two shirt designs available in store.


May 9 2012- Our 6 song EP is now available. Go to songs to stream.